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Home Window Replacement

Home window repair services from Tri State Glass offer a cost-effective alternative to complete home window replacement. When the glass in your home window is broken, the frame, locks and other parts of the window are normally unaffected.

Unlike most home window companies in South Carolina who will want to replace the entire window, Tri State Glass, Inc. can simply replace the pane of glass.

The end result is a home window that looks and performs like new but costs a fraction of the price!

Tri State Glass, Inc. also offers replacement services for inoperable windows such as picture windows, bay windows, and palladium windows.

How Does Window Glass Replacement Work?

There are over 20 individual pieces used to fabricate a normal two pane, double-hung home window. When the outer pane of glass is broken or if both panes are broken, there are still a number of other elements in the window that are in perfect working order from the frame down to the weather strips. To begin your home window glass replacement, Tri State Glass technicians will disassemble the window and remove all the broken pieces of glass as well as any other element of the window that may have been damaged. Next, a replacement glass pane is selected to match the existing glass. Almost all modern home windows include some sort of non-conductive vacuum barrier in between the glass. So, before the new pane of glass is ready to be installed, spacers are used to keep the panes of glass separate to make room for the argon, or other gas that will be used to fill the void which creates the vacuum.

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