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Serving the glass needs of Greenville, SC for over 35 years

Residential Glass ReplacementTri State Glass is the only call you have to make for installation and replacement services for all the glass in your home. We stock a wide variety of glass in various thicknesses, colors, patterns, and textures.

This wide variety of inventory ensures that we will have a replacement for your glass table top, glass shelves, curio cabinet glass, wall mirror or just about any other broken glass you bring in. The residential glass specialists at Tri State Glass, Inc. also offer glass restoration services.

When the glass in your home breaks, call the name trusted throughout South Carolina since 1978...

Call Tri State Glass!

Save More on Home Window Repair in South Carolina

Home Window RepairReplace the broken glass in your home windows and palladium windows at HUGE savings! If your home window breaks, the outer pane of glass is normally the only thing broken. The inner panes, window casing, guides or cranks, counterweights, and locks are usually still perfectly fine. Why would you pay to replace something that is not broken? At Tri State Glass, we can replace just the glass in your home window for much less than a new home window.

Plus, home window repair from Tri State Glass is much less invasive than a window replacement. Since we do not have to remove the window, the weather seal and siding/brick around the window are not affected and there is no need to remove or replace the interior trim or window sill.

Call Tri State Glass, Inc. to replace the glass in your home windows. Contact us today for a free on-site glass quote in South Carolina.

Custom Mirrors

Custom Cut Bathroom Mirror

Custom wall mirrors from Tri State Glass will add the sense of space to any room. Our wall mirrors can be cut to any shape or size and are available in a several colors. Looking for an exact mirror replacement? No problem for Tri State Glass. Our residential glass fabrication department can duplicate just about anything in glass.

Shelves & Table Tops

Glass shelves will complement any decor and blend well into any room. Unlike metal or wooden shelves, glass shelves allow light to pass through and reflect off every surface as if nothing is there.

When it comes to replacing a broken glass shelf or table top, it can be difficult to find the exact match. It would be nearly impossible for us to stock every possible color, thickness and variation of glass, but not so for our suppliers.

No matter what type of glass you are looking for, whether for a glass shelf replacement or glass table top replacement, Tri State Glass can find your exact match.

Contact us today for a free estimate for your glass shelf or glass table top replacement.

Glass Replacement

Tri State Glass is the only call you have to make for replacement and installation services for all the glass in your home. We offer a variety of beveled glass, pattern glass, textured glass, and more to ensure we have a replacement for your break.

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