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A Letter of Purpose from the Owner and President of Tri State Glass, Inc.

John EvensTri State Glass was founded in 1978 in Greenville, South Carolina to fill a perceived gap in the auto glass service industry.

After having my own windshield installed by Tri State Glass in 1981, I, John Evans researched the possibility of purchasing the business. Since that time, we have expanded into North Carolina to cover 18 (eighteen) counties. We also cover 12 (twelve) counties in South Carolina.

I personally installed glass full time for over 7 (seven years) to gain knowledge about every aspect of the auto glass replacement. During that period of time, the company began to grow at such a rapid pace that my job needed to become management in order to better plan the future direction of the company.

In subsequent years, the demand for residential glass grew, so Tri State Glass established a commercial division to fill these needs.

Tri State Glass has matured into a group of long-time, dedicated employees whose absolute goal is service and quality.

Our vision of the future is to see Tri State Glass continue on that same path.

Thank you for your interest in Tri State Glass and we look forward to serving you in the future.


 John Evens Thank you

John W. Evans,


Tri State Glass, Inc.

3551 Rutherford Rd
Taylors, SC 29687

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