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A Combination Windshield ChipWindshield repair service from Tri State Glass, Inc. is a time-tested and reliable means of extending the life of your windshield. When your windshield cracks or chips, a relatively simple repair process can eliminate the damage before it spreads and ruins the windshield. Windshield repairs are so reliable that, in most cases, your insurance company will waive your deductible when you opt for a windshield repair instead of a full windshield replacement.

The windshield in your vehicle is made up of several layers of glass laminated together. These layers give the windshield its strength and stability. When the windshield is struck by a rock or other debris, the impact can leave a crack or chip in the glass. Given time, this once small crack or chip will spread. If the damage is left untreated long enough it will eventually ruin your windshield leaving you with only one option—a windshield replacement. As soon as your windshield chips or cracks, call Tri State Glass, Inc. to schedule a repair right away.

Unfortunately, not all windshield damage is repairable. Standard windshield repair resin is not strong enough to restore the windshield's structural integrity for chips larger than a quarter in size and cracks more than 6 inches long.

Windshield Repair 101

The windshield repair process essentially replaces the glass lost from damage with a specially formulated windshield repair resin. The basic steps of this process are outlined below:

  1. The damaged area is drilled out with a specialized glass drill bit to open the area.
  2. The damaged area is cleaned thoroughly, ensuring all debris is adequately removed.
  3. Windshield repair resin is pressed into the damaged area with a set of repair tools.
  4. Heat is applied to the resin to cause it to expand and flow into every crevice within the damaged area.
  5. The resin is then exposed to UV light to initiate curing and hardening.
  6. The repair process usually takes 15 - 20 minutes total.

Get Your Windshield Repaired ASAP

The moment your windshield is impaired, the damage begins to expand. This is a slow process in most cases. However, slight changes in temperature, additional impacts from flying debris, small bumps in the road, and time can cause the damage to spread suddenly. The worst case scenario for spreading damage is that a crack penetrates all the laminated glass layers of the windshield from edge to edge, causing the glass to fall out! While this is not very common, it does happen and can easily be avoided by calling Tri State Glass, Inc. as soon as you see damage.

The windshield repair process is fast and inexpensive!

Why wait? Call today to schedule your windshield repair and take advantage of our mobile windshield repair service.

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